Road To Happiness

Where have I been the past couple of days? In Gloucester, M.A with my two favorite men; Allan and Mr. Herc. I went up to move some stuff, leave my car (and Mr. Herc) and fill out paperwork for a new job.

Whoo-hoo! It fits perfect into my summer class schedule and is quite flexible with hours. I am so excited. My first official day will be May 30th.Allan had Godiva chocolates and keys for me when I arrived. Of course I ate the chocolate on the spot. He knows me so well. He also said he had a surprise dinner. I wonder what it could be. We relaxed, ate lunch, unpacked the car and organized some stuff. Check out the bathroom. So far, it’s my favorite!We then took a mini break and walked downtown. I needed to stretch after all that driving. It isn’t terrible, just four hours and fifteen minutes, but still. I get serious leg cramps. Check out this museum thing. Yes, that is all I know about it. Oh and that it looks pretty.We even went to my favorite store, Common Crow. The ginger candy is for my mom. She has been wanting to try it to see if it will be good for her tummy after certain meals that upset it. We shall see. Coconut flour? Gosh, I was eyeing it for hours. It has 60 calories for two tbsps and 5 grams of fiber. Of course, Allan sneakily bought it for me. It was pretty pricey, so it will definitely be used as a treat. I made a cinna-crunch “muffin top” with it and added 1/2 Tbsp of the coconut flour. The result? Delicious and coconutty!My surprise dinner was a burger on a delicious gluten-free french roll by Gillian’s. I thought it was so sweet that he got the rolls so I could enjoy a burger the “right way.” A burger needs its bun, hun!I prepared my lunch for that night for the trip back home. I made a salami sandwich with spinach and mozzarella cheese along with a sliced up orange.I also packed/ate a Clif chocolate chip bar. The Dollar Tree store in Danvers (close to my new job) had a whole box of six for just $1.00! And it doesn’t expire til next February. Too good to pass up, so I got two boxes.I’m really exhausted now from my “daycation(ish)” with Allan. I’ve been traveling non-stop and I have to get up super early for work tomorrow, since I changed shifts to get things done like packing and organizing.

Ahh, it never stops but I do have a review of the Artisana Coconut Butter and a strawberry mini “cake” recipe coming up. Stay tuned for those. Until then, goodnight!

Question: Has anyone every surprised you with or meal or item that really shows how much they know you or care?

Allan is always trying to find things that I can eat that don’t have the “evil foods.”


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