Yoga And A Dash Of Boot Camp

Today was an a-mazing day (with a huge road bump, but I rather not get into it)! I finally got to sleep in today after not sleeping well and waking up to early. I woke up before 8:00am nice and refreshed. Yes, that is sleeping in for me. Normally I like to wake up before 7:30am.

Any-who, for breakfast I had a coconut-cashew pancake with toasted coconut and cashews instead. This thing is seriously delicious! The secret? Artisana coconut butter, which I will provide a mini review for you tomorrow.After breakfast, I finally went to Dahn Yoga. It was really interesting since it was a mix of yoga, Tai-chi and meditation. I’m going to be going more times this week, so stayed tuned for a review on that one as well.

When I got home from yoga, I munched on some raw cashews while I made my mom a light lunch before our workout. I made chicken burgers (topped with Parmesan cheese) with a side salad, kettle cooked chips and fruit.I spent the rest of the day with my mom. We first went to a tag sale at a church. Since we arrived almost before closing, they had “buy a bag for $2.00 and fill it with whatever you can.” Don’t have to tell me twice!My mom definitely stuffed her bags and she even got a mail box. Just was a total blast.I ended up getting four awesome sweaters (I heart sweaters) and a ton of Food Everyday magazines.Though, my two favorites were the mini wine glasses and a bowl for my fruit.After we went to Aldi’s supermarket to grab a few things. I got some yummy goodies like strawberries, sliced almonds and pure maple syrup.Then it was time for Excel Yoga to do kickboxing. Yet again (I think I’m a bad luck charm for everyone), it was boot camp, but not outside this time. It was intense and the focus was on lower body and abs. I know my thighs and abs are going to hate me tomorrow.

Yesterday at the supermarket, I got this Green Giant healthy weight veggie blend of carrots, string beans, edamame and black beans in a butter sauce. I’ve been wanting to change things up with my veggies and meals. I had this with brown rice couscous, more black beans and tostones.The results? Delicious! High in fiber and protein and my dish (minus the tostones) was only 190 calories. Not too shabby!I know have been all over the place these past couple of weeks. I can’t say things will not be sporadic but I think by the beginning of next month, things will start to be more consistent.

I already have the Monday Meal Planning and What I Ate Wednesday. I want to have more days of that. I am thinking of doing a Fun Finds Friday where I recap my find(s) for the week. Let me know what you think!


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