Dahn Yoga Review

Dahn Yoga = Amazing. I went to the yoga studio on Williamsbridge Road here in the Bronx. If you remember, my mom won an unlimited week of classes from Dahn Yoga at a raffle. It was worth $50.00 and each class is $20.00. I figured I should go to at least four classes to get my mom’s money’s worth (she spent $50.00 at the raffle party).

Any requirements? At Dahn Yoga you had to wear a white tee-shirt. I came in on the first day with a blue tank top. It was mighty awkward at first, but I got over it rather quickly. I felt more “free” in a flowy white tee-shirt anyway. You also could bring your own mat, but they did have free ones to borrow.How did I feel? I have never felt so relaxed in my life. I felt less stressed (only after going for 2 days), less tensed, more alert and more energized. I hadn’t done a single workout except for the one hour and ten minutes of a Dahn Yoga class for four days last week (plus one of my own yoga workouts for 45 minutes).

Any results? Just after four classes my legs became seriously toned. I just noticed it a few days ago. Most of the workout focused on lower body, which I am not complaining because that was my key area for this summer to work on.

I wish I had taken a picture of the studio. I was planning on it for my fifth class, but I never made it. I just had way too much packing to do for my trip. These classes are not your typrical yoga class. It combines yoga, Tai-Chi and meditation. I loved that after class there was “tea time.” They would make tea for you at Dahn Yoga and if you wanted to, you could talk about your feelings, ask questions and so on. The whole workout (plus tea time) was really nice and relaxing and great to be open for all levels.

Question: Do you belong to a workout studio?

I found a yoga place near my apartment in Gloucester called Tree Top Yoga Studio. I can’t wait to check it out!


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