Monday Loungin’

Happy Monday, everyone! Let’s face it. There are some days you don’t want to do anything important. To be honest, this rarely happens to me. Maybe twice a year because i am always trying to be as productive as possible. Maybe I should tone that down and learn how to relax. I’ve spent a few nights enjoying scented candles and Dragon’s Blood incense. Perfect way to unwind, especially for this cold and rainy week.My meals have become more laid back too. I’m not thinking too much about cooking and extreme meal planning. Not that I don’t think meal planning is bad, but sometimes my brain (and kitchen) needs a break.

I also been increasing my iron intake through the foods I had mentioned in the previous post due to my mild anemia. This pre-packed lunch has iron written all over it with the turkey, broccoli and potatoes. Mmm, mmm good!I’m putting together quicker dinners too by using Green Giant’s Healthy Heart veggie mix. I decided to take out the carrots and add more sugar snap peas. I’ll use the carrots for another dish. This meal took me less than 10 minutes to put together. Dinner now please!I’ve been on a serious Chobani kick. It can become a pricey addiction like the cashews so to lessen the damage I found a giant tub on sale. I can get about 6-7 servings out of this for less than $1.00 per serving. Much better.I’m even taking the time to make some goodies for friends. My friend requested brownies, so I whipped up a batch and wrapped them up for her. When are people are smiling from my cooking, it warms my heart. I was cleaning the pantry and I found the little basil plant my mom got me for Christmas. I decided to put it together. Nothing tastes better than fresh basil on pizza or chicken. I read that it takes about 70-90 days to have a full plant. Gosh, can I really wait that long?Question: How do you find time to relax? Maybe a bath, cooking or a little reading?

I need to learn more how to relax but yoga and candles are my current go to at the moment.


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