Life Happenings

My life has been full of fun and randomness the past couple of weeks.That was my face at 5:00am when I went on a random day trip to New York on Tuesday to visit family, friends and run tons of errands. It was tons of fun but very exhausting to be up for about 22 hours!On one of my running days last week, I opted to go for a walk around downtown Gloucester. I just didn’t have any mojo for running but the walk was a pleasant change of pace for me.Last week Allan and I went to Cape Ann Brewery again and we decided to just have a beer and chat. I don’t remember the exact name of the beer but I know that it had orange tones. I really wanted this honey beer, but they were all out! At first I liked it but then the orange started to fade. But overall not too shabby.Mr. Hercules likes Maple Greek yogurt? Just too funny!He’s also the only person who likes when I give him a massage. At least someone appreciates me.I’ve just been working and living life. I’m just waiting now til class starts in July. I want to be busy already but I’m sure when the first day of class comes I’ll wish it was June again!

Question: What’s going on in your life these past few days, weeks, etc.?


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