My 24th Birthday: Part Two

I arrived safe and sound in New York at about 5:30pm yesterday. Granted there was terrible traffic in Conneticut. That never is anything new. I then went to my friends house because she was making me “birthday dinner.”On the menu was BBQ chicken with broccoli and beets. I have NEVER had beets in my life. There is always a first for everything. I must say they were not bad at all. It kind of tasted like really sweet corn. This is good news because I really miss eating corn.

Then it was off to surprise my parents. Like I said they thought I was coming today in the afternoon. But me being a sneaky little thing, I came earlier. Both were surprised and my mom was frantically trying to put my birthday table together.And you know what she did? She made me a gluten and corn free cake (by 1, 2, 3 Gluten Free) for my birthday! I was quite impressed by her skills cake looked absolutely delicious and was actually pretty good. She melted dark chocolate for the frosting and put almonds around it. She rocks!She also gave me a bunch of delicious goodies along with a lifetime supply of Clif, Luna and Odwalla bars. I am totally excited to be eating these bad boys. I’m just addicted, what are you gonna do right?My brother Matthew ordered me a running belt! It hasn’t come yet but I cannot wait to get it. Running should be much more enjoyable without a fanny pack clanking around.My other brother Chris, is giving me shopping spree to Fairway Market. Food shopping spree? Oh my! First on my list is definitely some Artisana Pecan Butter. And maybe some more bars. Just call me crazy, mmkay?

I pretty much ate 1/6th of the cake last night so for today, I am repeating my second clean eat week menu. I had one serving of coconut granola left and just wanted to cleanse my palate after the mountainous piece of cake [and tons of ice cream] I had last night.

Since I am home for almost half the week, there won’t be any meal planning for the week but I will totally show you my buys from my birthday food shopping spree with my brother.  Oh and here are the goodies I baked!Brownies…And more cupcakes!

Question: What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever gotten?

Phantom of the Opera tickets were definitely at the top of my list but this Clif, Luna and Odwalla bar supply plus a food shopping spree just might knock it down. Just might…


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