If You Can’t Take The Heat, Grab Ice Cream!

Okay, I was going to save this for FFF but this s#@t was too good! Pardon my languge mom, but it really was. I tried LaLoo’s goat’s milk ice cream for the first time yesterday and oh my gosh.

It is the BEST ice cream I have ever tasted in my life. Better then Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, better then Edy’s Rocky Road, better then the Coconut Bliss Baryes?I JUST went there. I took a GIANT scoop and placed fresh raspberries on it and oh my gosh. Pure heaven. It was on sale in Common Crow for $4.99, which isn’t too bad considering you get one four servings out of it. Only 140 calories for 1/2 cup and it’s perfect for us lactose intolerant folks.If you ever find it, maybe at Whole Foods, please try it! You won’t regret it. I’m not an ice cream person at all so if I say it’s good, IT’S GOOD!

Mr. Hercules has been loving me WAY TOO much these days. All he does is follow me and cuddle next to me 24/7.Don’t get me wrong, I love him to pieces but a girl needs her space every 30 minutes or so. Know what I’m saying?

Another fun thing from this week was I became an official Massachusetts resident! My car, Mr. Yankee, is now Mr. Red Sox. Just kidding, he is still Mr. Yankee. You know, they use to call folks from the North a Yankee? It works out, no worries.Question: Anything interesting happened this week[end] for you?

What’s your favorite ice cream?


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