{Burtons Grill}

My mom left earlier today to go back to New York. I had so much fun with her. We did a ton of shopping, good food eating, did brutal workouts and spent quality time together.

I decided my mom should get a stretch day between all the workout madness, so on Thursday we went to Tree Top Yoga here in Gloucester. We did a gentle yoga class which was a-mazing. My body (and my mom’s) needed that.I felt really good once I left and I can’t wait to go back! On of of our many shopping adventures, my mom got me this Power Yoga DVD. I love Rodney Yee’s Weight Loss Yoga DVD, so I cannot wait to try this one out.Since Friday was my mom’s last full day, I made sure to jam pack it. We worked out, did more shopping, went out to dinner and the movies. In between all that, we satisfied our sweet tooth with fro-yo. I had a massive helping of coconut fro-yo with raspberries, pistachios and a crushed Godiva pistachio truffle. De-lish!For dinner, we went to Burtons Grill. I had heard about this place from a friend who said they have an awesome gluten-free menu. And you know what? They really do. I also like how they take extra care to make sure there is no cross contamination. They use rectangular plates for all gluten-free dishes.Hello? Gluten-free dinner rolls! Yes, please.I saw so many yummy things like burgers and steak sandwiches with gluten-free buns. They even had pasta dishes with gluten-free pasta. But what caught my eye was the flatbreads. My mom and I went all out. She couldn’t decide between a pepperoni flatbread or shrimp pasta so we got both and I got a caprese flatbread. I ended up eating half of the caprese and a quarter of the pepperoni. It was so freakin’ delicious that I would have eaten it all had I not had fro-yo earlier.The picture isn’t the best as it was quite dark in there but trust me, it was delicious! I am so going back there again. Mainly to try the crème brûlée dessert I didn’t have room for. Shame.

After dinner, we went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It wasn’t bad, but not really what I expected. I still think Ted rock this month’s movie pick. Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

Question: What is your favorite favorite gluten-free friendly restaurant?

Burtons Grill tops my list but Uno’s is a close second!


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