FFF 7# Got [Goat’s] Milk?

I know this post it a day later, but I was just super busy yesterday! It was Friday the 13th, so you know things aren’t always going to happen the way you plan. Or maybe they do. Who knows?

When I first tried LaLoo’s Vanilla Snowflake ice cream, I got a little obsessed with goat’s milk. I went out to find more goat’s milk products to try. For this week’s Fun Finds Friday I bright to you three goat’s milk products; another ice cream, yogurt and cheese.

I’m not a fan of chocolate ice cream anymore, as I prefer vanilla nowadays. But when I saw LaLoo’s Deep Chocolate ice cream, I had to try it out. What drew me to try it out was that it said “rich dark chocolate ganache.” I love ganache in truffles, so why not in ice cream form?I made little parfait cups and I layered them with mousse, chocolate shavings and coconut flakes (and a couple almond slices). The results? The chocolate was so rich and creamy. It definitely had that gelato texture and taste. I still prefer the vanilla one but this one was pretty darn close in goodness.

The next product is a goat’s milk yogurt by MontChevré. I love Chobani Greek yogurt [and its healthy gut bacteria goodness] but since goat’s milk yogurt is even more lactose friendly, I decided to give it a try.The results? It wasn’t bad at first, but it had a really sour after taste. I couldn’t even finish half of it. I topped it with some fresh raspberries to make it a nice treat, but it just wasn’t that great. If I do get it next time, I’ll be using it for protein pancakes like the raspberry maple ones.

Lastly, I spotted this crumbled goat cheese by Chèvrine. I didn’t spot a website for the cheese, so the hyperlink takes you to the nutrition stats.The results? It wasn’t too bad. I tried it alone just to get an idea. It had a very creamy consistency and I definitely want to try to use it maybe on a pizza like the one from Vegetarian Times. I know it’s not the sliced kind, but hey I don’t think that really matters.

Question: Have you every tried goat’s milk products?

Or maybe even tried “non traditional” dairy substitutes like rice cheese or hemp milk?


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