No Excuses!

Okay, let me update you on something. So it is possible that I have a rotator cuff from my job. That is a no bueno for sure. But I really can’t get to the doctor’s anytime soon because of my hectic schedule.

Why am I mentioning this? Well I have been taking it super easy with workouts. I’ve lowered weight lifting to two instead of four days and I’ve also been doing very light yoga.

During my break after my first anatomy exam, I took a stroll around the school.I found this cute bike path and started walking. I ended up at a little park.Then I spotted swings. Who says no to swings?I ended up doing a nice 40 minute walk. It felt good to get some fresh Salem air. Just because I can’t really workout, doesn’t mean I can’t move my bod!And since I got out of class early, I ran to Whole Foods and got some goodies and a small salad for lunch.I added the strawberries to the grapes I had. So good.Oh and look what I had to open immediately. Vanilla almond butter by Justin’s? Oh my heaven! It is simply divine. You HAVE to try it. It tastes like vanilla almond butter mousse. Hmm, actually that sounds like a good idea.I am headed to New York in the a.m. for yet another doctor’s appointment. I am just one broken chick!

Question: What treat makes your day?

Chocolate mousse can make my day any day. Oh and chocolate cheesecake and now this vanilla almond butter heaven!


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