FFF #8: New Gluten-Free Favorites: Part I

Remember when I tried Amy’s Gluten-Free Lasagna and how I didn’t really care for it? I was skeptical about trying any gluten-free lasagnas, but I gave it a second chance with Caesar’s. I missed it so much; the rich taste of marinara sauce and ricotta cheesy pasta goodness. I was hoping that this new brand wouldn’t let me down.I finally made it the other night for dinner and added broccoli. The results? It. Tasted. Real. There are no other words to describe it. It didn’t taste gluten-free at all. Because I’m sure you gluten-free peeps know exactly what I mean.

The only thing is, I didn’t realize, or I should say I got too excited and misread, that it had corn. I suppose I could have it once in a blue moon. Besides, my lasagnas cravings come once or twice a year. So it works out quite nicely.

I’ve been looking for a pasta that I really like. Sure Gillian’s and Tinkyada are okay, but this Rice plus Golden Flax one by DeBoles had totally made my happy list. The one thing that is hard to get use to is the texture of gluten-free pasta. If you don’t cook it right, it can either be too hard or too soft to the point of a big creamy gunk.My favorite pasta is angel hair, so when I saw this one at Fairway, I had to try it. I am so glad I did because it tastes really good. The texture is perfect that even non-gluten-free peeps enjoyed it too. That’s a winner in my book.

Both pasta finds were really delicious. I would definitely get both again any time, any day! The only two concerns I had was the lasagna had corn and the Deboles pasta only had one gram of fiber. The pasta I can at least load it with veggies to amp the fiber. As for the corn, I can’t do nothing there.

But! If you are out and about food shopping, please try to find one of the two, especially if you are a gluten (or wheat) free person in need of good gluten-free swaps.

Question:  If you are gluten (or wheat) free, what do you miss the most?

Three words for me: Real. French. TOAST!


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