Can It Be?

Yes! My hectic week is finally over! I must say, it went faster then I expected but I am glad it’s over. Now until the next crazy week comes, I’ll try to relax and get back into my normal routine of life.

I had a ton of ups and downs this week, but I went on Friday to check up on my brothers. My parents were still crusin’ so, I wanted to make sure they were okay. I went to a doctor’s appointment and then had brunch at a diner. I had a “Da Vinci” egg with omelet, which had tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. Very creative idea and delicious too!After brunch, I went home to see my brothers. Since they really hadn’t eaten “real food,” I made them a big batch of chicken, fries and greens. I topped my greens with garlic and herb croutons. So good.Only my younger brother was home, so we ate dinner together and chatted. It was really nice to catch up with him, since we are both always busy. For dessert I cut up strawberries.

For dessert #2, I made mousse for the both of us. His has white chocolate chips and a chocolate chip cookie in it, both topped with a whipped cream. Yum!I woke up at 4:00am on Saturday to go straight to work. Luckily, I made an almond butter breakfast square. Quick grab and go breakfast plus banana.The drive was a beauty. I saw the sunrise.And a fog and sun dance.I brought extra food for lunch to workAnd of course, extra mousse for dessert.When I finally got home, I was happy to see this little guy. Allan bought Mr. Hercules some new toys. I think he enjoyed himself, way too much.


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