Keeping One Eye Open

I love when I have a house full of food. But I also hate it because then there are so many choices that I don’t know what to eat. I picked up the usual’s; bananas, brown rice, oats, almonds, black beans, and such.

I also got some frozen veggies and chicken breast. I’ve been loving the combo of the almonds with the green beans and grilled chicken. It’s a great quick meal to throw together especially when everything is done. I like to cook the chicken and put them in the freezer. Sealed and frozen at the peak of freshness, you know?The supermarket I went to had this little jar of Barney Butter Almond Butter for only $2.99! I was pretty impressed and happy too because I get tired of various nut butter brands, so little jars work to my favor. I may try to slab some onto these yummy gala apples too.I also got some no salt added Chickpeas to make my own hummus. Since I’m allergic to sesame seeds I can’t most hummus brands due to tahini. Why not  make my own? I’m thinking of a basic one first to dip these baby carrots and Nut-Thins in. Yum, perhaps?Can’t forget the snacks! I got the Yobaby Stonyfield vanilla yogurt because I have a feeling, despite the nuts and other things, I am not getting enough fat in my diet. This is important when it comes to nutrient absorption and other things. We shall see if this is the case and I’ll keep you posted.Of course I got bars. The Sweet & Salty Almond bars are my favorite Odwalla bar. It also doesn’t really bother me at all. Speaking of that, I think I have been slipping too many of my allergen foods as of late and haven’t been paying much attention. Gotta keep my eye open.I need to get back on that because I haven’t been feeling well at all. The Clif bars are the only ones I can truly eat without and issue and I should go even better by getting gluten-free bars. I’ll shall save that for next grocery trip; a super allergen free haul shall come.

Question: Do you have any food allergies and find that you slip from time to time? Or are you super allergen free?

I really don’t want to keep letting these foods slip in. I think I am going to make that my goal for August!


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