FFF# 10: Greek Goddess

Okay, so I am not really a Greek goddess (although I might be part Greek, super long story and zero time) but this week’s edition of Fun Find Fridays is all about Greek Yogurt.

I have stumbled upon a few new brands of Greek yogurt, as well as a Greek frozen yogurt. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chobani to pieces, but sometimes you just have to change it up.

The first Greek yogurt up is Stonyfield’s Oikos in vanilla. The four pack was on sale, so I wanted to try out the vanilla (I’ve tried caramel and strawberry). I love that the servings are smaller at 4 oz. per cup.I find that’s a perfect amount for a snack because I love to eat Grreek yogurt with nuts, fruit or my lunch. I also found the texture to be much creamier than Chobani’s vanilla Greek yogurt, which I liked a lot.

The next Greek yogurt is Vosko’s in apricot mango. I was craving a different kind of flavor that particular day. It was hot out and this Greek yogurt just called my name.The texture was way creamier than both the Chobani and Stonyfield. One reason I had a hard time getting use to Greek yogurt was due to texture and I think if you are starting out, this is a great brand to try.

Lastly we have a Greek vanilla frozen yogurt by Healthy Choice. When I was on my weight loss journey, Healthy Choice was one of my favorite brands. I spotted this froyo next to their frozen meals. I will warn you that it has corn [derived] in it, but my senses couldn’t resist.Each cup has only 100 calories, perfect for a froyo craving. The taste? Oh my, it tasted like frozen vanilla mousse. It was seriously the best only Greek froyo I have ever taste. I stuffed the other far in my freezer to have them in a serious blue moon, although, it didn’t really bug me.

I would definitely get all three again with no hesitation. I may want to try the Healthy Choice raspberry froyo next time. Oh and as another warning, some of the Voskos have corn, so beware!

Question: Have you ever tried Greek froyo?

I saw Ben & Jerry’s has some. How does that taste? (It has corn, boo)


2 thoughts on “FFF# 10: Greek Goddess

  1. I love greek yogurt! My favorite brands are chobani and fage…..i just wish they weren’t so expense! I work at a TCBY and we have honey vanilla greek frozen yogurt. Its pretty good! But it has some questionable ingredients…..i’d rather just have my plain chobani with honey drizzled in!

    • Hey! I just found your comments in SPAM 😦 I don’t know why!!! Good thing I checked. They are really expensive. I only get them when they are on sale for $1.00, since they are normally $1.69. Lol, it seems like everything these days has questionable ingredients…sucks!

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