Good For You? Bad For Me!

Oh my I know, it has been awhile. I’m back from New York as of Monday night and I went straight to bed, then school and work. Today I have a little break to say hola!

While I was in New York, I went to Fairway to get some food goodies. Lots of fruits and veggies but also some new fun finds. Like sunflower butter, Nature’s Path sunny hemp bar and Luna’s chocolate chuck bar.I was running out of oats, milk and flour. This time I got a giant sized bag of Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Gluten-Free flour. It really has come in handy to make so many things from yeast-less flatbread to crepes.I’ve been having this sudden craving for red sauce and pasta. I found a new brand of gluten-free pasta, Goldbaum’s, in tiny shells. I also got the angel hair pasta by De Boles again.I’ve tried Muir Glen’s organic pizza sauce and it is the best pizza sauce I have ever tasted. Why not try their tomato basil pasta sauce?Frozen goodies? More rice pecan bread, another type of Alexia’s roasted potatoes and Applegate’s beef hotdog. This is the best hotdog I have ever tasted as well, hands down.Can’t end the day without chocolate. I’ve been having more of a salty tooth then sweet. Why not combine the two?This might be a very random thing but there are just some good foods for you that I cannot stand. I have tried on numerous occasions to eat them but it just doesn’t seem to appeal to my taste buds.

What are they, you may ask? Well:

Baby Carrots (Raw Carrots)
Tomatoes (Raw)

Question: What are your least favorite healthy foods?

My mom cannot stand yogurt or Greek yogurt. It’s quite hilarious.


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