Meal Planning: Week of August 19th

Conference recap? Well you are going to have to wait til tomorrow for that. I am very exhausted. But I do have a meal planning Monday for you.

This week, my mom is coming to visit with my grandmama! I can’t wait to see her and I am sure we will be going out to dinner. But as usual, here are the “planned” eats for the week!

Breakfast: Cinnamon Pancakes (GF & Vegan) w/ Sliced Almonds & Sunflower Butter, Cinnamon French Toast w/ Cashew Butter & Coconut Flakes or “Faux Apple” Pie w/ Sunflower ButterLunch: Grilled Chicken, Sugar Snap Peas & Barley or Pasta w/ Lean Ground Beef, Spinach & Olive Oil DrizzleDinner: Grilled Chicken w/ Brown Rice & Roasted Broccoli or Spinach, Mozzarella & Basil FlatbreadSnacks:
Almond & Coconut Kind Bar
Odwalla Sweet N’ Salty Almond Bar
Almonds & Orange

Question: How was your weekend? Anything out of the ordinary happen?


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