AAAI-ISMA “One World” Cape Cod Conference

I initially was going to go to this conference last year. But with my new job and school, I had to post-pone the event. The AAAI-ISMA “One World” Conference offers a variety of certifications ranging from personal training, to yoga, to even a wellness coach.

I set my alarm for 4:45am. It was a two hour drive and I wanted to just have time to avoid traffic or parking finding issues. I started my early morning with “faux apple pie” made muffin top style. Strange thing is I am realizing I can’t stomach bananas very early anymore. No clue why?Let’s rewind a bit to yesterday evening. I wanted to bring snacks, just in case. There were six classes I was going to have to take and I was sure to be hungry before lunch, since I ate breakfast early. My mid morning snack was an apple and then early lunch was a Sweet N’ Salty Odwalla Almond bar w/ almonds and string cheese.Then for a second lunch/ early dinner and snack, I went to the market and picked up greens (on sale due to expiring in two days), chicken, grapes and a Chobani (on sale too). I ending up making a grilled chicken salad, topped it with some almonds and grape halves. I only spent around $5.00 for this. Awesome!I got to the conference a bit early, so I was hanging in the bathroom charging my phone. Once it got started, I signed in, got my papers and headed to learn with Mike Rickett! There were six classes that I had to take in total in order to be prepared for the exam.There is a booklet you can order before hand to study, but I opted to do my own studying.
We did a lot of learning about coaching, different techniques to use with clients, what types of tools to use for your business, and overall how to succeed in coaching and life! We also did a stress reduction/ mediation segment with Nora Anderson (Co-Founder of AAAI-ISMA). I felt very empowered and ready to take on the world and help people to realize their true potential, whether in weight loss, nutrition or overall health.Once the classes were done (oh and you could shop around too and get shirts, workout DVDs, and such) it was time for the exam. I was pretty nervous, but I think I did well. I will know in two weeks and explain things a bit more in detail if I pass. After the conference, I was starving! I knew there was a Whole Foods somewhere around, so I turned on the GPS and found the one I went to with Allan near Nantasket.I had chicken, brown rice, broccoli and baked plantain. My tummy gobbled it up, but I did manage to snap my little dessert. This really is purely decadent. When I finally got home, I went straight to pack for work and then plopped on the bed. I wasn’t physically tired, just mentally drained. I had an amazing time and I feel like I learned a ton and my eyes have been open to a whole new light!

Question: Have you ever gone to a conference (and which one)? How did you feel after?


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