WIAW #18: What I Ate ON Wednesday

My first What I Ate Wednesday on Wednesday. Some of the foods I haven’t eaten yet, but I already prepped my meals for today and I am on my break from work.

I’m doing a recycled photos edition because I have been horrible with taken pictures in the past few days. Forgive me, will you please? Oh and if you don’t know what WIAW is, head on over to Peas and Crayons to get all the delicious details.Breakfast: I made a maple almond butter “muffin top” with extra almond butter. I made a small serving because I ate at like 4 in the morning. Yes, what did you expect? Sabrina is one crazy chick.Snack: I had a banana and vanilla Greek yogurt. The yogurt is not pictured but here is a banana, hehe.Lunch: I had left over food from last night’s Chinese; beef with string beans and rice. I didn’t want white rice but they didn’t have brown rice. Can you believe that?Snack: I had a vanilla almond Luna bar. Ahh, this thing is just too yummy.Dinner: I made a mozzarella, broccoli and garlic pizza (minus egg) using the coconut flour pizza crust recipe. This recipe is quick and simple and I love that there is a lot of fiber, which makes it super filling.Dessert: Oh, mousse is back baby. Oh how I miss thee!Question: Do you do anything crazy?

I know I have my fair share of things but hey, it keeps life interesting, you know?


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