Reach Your Fitness Goals With SlimKicker

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by SlimKicker for the opportunity to try out one of their new products coming on next year. It’s going to be a fitness tracker and now that I am in maintenance, I am all about working on my fitness goals.

In the meantime, I checked out their website and signed up for their online fitness/ nutrition tracker. It is very similar to Calorie Counter and Lose It. There are several things that make this tracker different from other trackers out there.

First of all, the nutrition stats of your daily eats (after you enter the foods you ate) is pretty impressive. It’s clearer and you can see better what you need to focus on, not only overall, but also for each meal. I obviously need to cut down the carbs and work on my protein and fat intake.You can also set up rewards for yourself. As you achieve your goals, you get to rack up points. The more points you rack up, the more you get to the next level. You can set which level you would like to reward yourself. I set my reward for level five; a little shopping spree that will consist of buying some new fall sweaters.This definitely gives me motivation to kick my butt into fitness high gear. I have been slacking in the gym department (by my standards) and need to get hot for Halloween. Here’s what it look it looked like after I entered my first day of meals and exercise. Some other cool things is the opportunity to join groups, share daily goals with other SlimKicker members and you can even join challenges. I decided to join the slow down challenge, since everything in my life has been on a fast spree.I definitely want to slow down my eating and work pace. I’ve been eating too fast and working too fast. I don’t want to mess up my shoulder again now that it’s feeling better.Since I want to rack up points to get my sweaters, you know I will be working on the challenge.

What are you waiting for? Go check out SlimKicker now!

Question: Have you tried any fitness/ nutrition application or website?


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