Meal Planning: Week of September 22nd

Meal planning is going to be a bit different from now on. I found an awesome meal planning template from Microsoft Office. It’s way easier then just putting what foods I am going to have for each meal. I like that I can just go back and modify it at anytime as well.

And so you know, you can see below why it starts on the 22nd. I’m not slow, I know my dates. Here are what my eats look like for the week (*click image to view clearer).What’s with the blank box for this Friday? Well it kind of depends on what I have left from the week. It will just be a mash of left overs. You will notice that some days have less total calories then others. The reason for this is, I always end up have an extra snack that’s 200-300 calories.

This will fit perfect with maintain weight calories, which is 1700-1900 depending on my activity level. Some days I do intense cardio, others I do yoga and some days I just rest. You need to have at least one rest day to let your body recover. My rest days are Wednesday and Saturday.

That’s all to report for this morning. Dessert last night was heavenly; vanilla soymilk with a dark chocolate coconut almond butter cookie. You have to try them!Have a great work/school/etc. week 🙂


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