WIAW #21 “Legalizing”

Okay, the title has nothing to do with anything but since it’s my 21st What I Ate Wednesday post, I figured I cheer for being finally legal in the WIAW world. If you don’t know what WIAW is, you should definitely check it out over at Peas and Crayons!

This WIAW is all about my weekend eats; my favorites of each meal. You will notice there is no bar as a snack! Oh yeah, I am so proud of me. I am trying to clean up my diet, like I had mentioned in a previous post. I think I am doing a good job. I’ll let you be the judge of that. Enjoy!Breakfast: Honey & Nut Morning O’s with coconut milk and sliced almonds. You can find this awesome cereal at Whole Foods. Not sure if it’s completely wheat and corn free, but I don’t get any tummy ache from eating it. Snack: Banana and a Handful of Almonds. Simple and delish!Lunch: Spinach & Mozzarella Brown Rice Wrap w/ Grapes & Yogurt. I really enjoyed this quick and light lunch from my weekend work day. Snack: Apple Slices w/ Almond Butter (And String Cheese From Above). Of course I used the Vanilla Almond Butter by Justin’s. It’s just too good not to eat at all hours.Dinner: Beef Stir-Fry w/ Green Beans & Brown Rice. If I ever eat Chinese, which is rare, this is what I order. I made my own version, minus soy sauce. I just sautéed the beef in fresh garlic, pepper, olive oil and a dash of salt, then added the green beans to the mix once the meat was 95% cooked. So, good!Dessert? One of my bangin’ dark chocolate coconut almond butter cookies. I’ve almost eaten all of them already, they are too good. You really gotta try them out and possibilities are endless, in terms of toppings or batter ingredients!Question: What’s your guilty “fast food” or restuarant food pleasure?

Mines is definitely Chinese and pizza, yums.


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