Pancakes, Sweets & Pizza

Greetings from sunny New York City. Well, it was not so sunny today but I am in New York! I am here visiting for the weekend. There has been so much on my mind and the stress has been piling. I definitely needed a mini [mental]  break. Oh and I get to see this big little guy.Friday was full of yummy and delicious things. I started out my morning with a delicious batch of [coconut] almond pancakes topped with almond butter and a few almonds. Delish!My mom and dad got me this little maple syrup from when they went to a wine festival upstate. Nothing like good ole pure maple syrup.My mom requested that I’d save her a dark chocolate coconut almond butter cookie for when I come and visit. Well, I ended up eating all of them but I made it up to her and made her a batch, with a little melted chocolate for dipping. Pure chocolate-y goodness!While I was baking, I munched on some cheese, grapes and crackers. I didn’t want to have anything too heavy because I was going out for dinner later with Allan.We ended up going to Uno’s to get me some pizza. I’ve been on a total pizza kick lately. I ended up getting their “four cheese” pizza sans the feta and pesto. I guess that made it a “trio.”I also made some dark chocolate mousse for me and Allan to share. There is not like the goodness of mixing pizza and chocolate. Don’t know whyI’m off to bed now, I’ve had a long [but awesome] day, but tomorrow is filled with relaxation, gym and reading. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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