Fun Finds Friday #15: Bars, Nut Butter & Bread Mixer

Happy Friday everyone! It’s Friday and that means another fun finds post. For this week I have a couple of bars as well as a bread and nut butter find to share with you all.

Vanilla Blueberry Luna Fiber Bar: One word to describe this? DELICIOUS! This bar reminded me of Kashi’s cereal bars that I loved so much. The stats? 110 calories and 7g of fiber. Since it lacks in protein (1g), I topped with some almond butter. You must find it and try it! Remember, if you have a severe corn allergy, I wouldn’t recommend it as it has vegetable glycerin (aka corn derivative).Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bar in Chocolate Almond Coconut: Now, I was hesitant to buy this bar because the ingredients were similar to a Larabar, which I don’t like. And unfortunately, I was right. It tasted like a combo of a chocolate and coconut Lara Bar. You could guess that I really didn’t like the taste but if you like Larabars, you just might like these bars.Once Again’s Sunflower Butter: I decided to try out this brand of sunflower butter since the other one I tried was pretty good. This one tasted pretty similar except the flavor was just too strong for my taste. Ahh, sunflower butter is just not as delicious as almond or cashew butter. But if you’re a sunflower butter fan, give it a try.Rudi’s Original Sandwich Bread: Okay, this was my favorite find of all four. This bread tastes EXACTLY like you’re regular sandwich bread. I was overjoyed when I tried it. I do love Food For Life’s sandwich bread, but it just didn’t taste the same as the regular ones made with wheat.I simply just toasted it and topped it with some creamy butter and parsley flakes. It was absolute heaven. I know, I am talking about a slice of bread, but having a wheat and corn allergy makes it hard to find a good bread that tastes “normal.” I am so buying this again and can’t wait to try some of their other products.Have you found any interesting products lately?

And are you a Lara bar fan? I just don’t like them (except something the coconut cream pie is okay), even though I know a million people do.


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