Meal Planning: Week of October 12th

It’s Sunday and I am designating it my new meal planning day as well as recapping some of my week. There honestly is not much to say about this week as I was pretty much sick the whole week.

This morning I woke up ready to tackle the gym after a week of not really going from being sick. After the gym? I grabbed yummy foods for the week (and beyond) at the market.For fridge and snacks items: Cabot Light cheddar cheese, Cabot Greek yogurt (can’t wait to try that), Wasa Crackers in Light Rye, eggs and roasted almonds.Fresh/ Frozen: Baby Brussels Sprouts (too cute), Broccoli Florets, Red Grapes, Macintosh/ Gala Apples, Bartlett Pears, Potato, and Bananas.I also got a giant tub of oats and some Barney Butter in crunchy this time. I’ve never had crunchy nut butter! The only thing I have left to get is Turkey Burgers from Trader Joe’s.

Other then that, I have everything else I need for meals this well. I’m starting to do my meal planning on Friday’s, hence the October 12th date. Seeing that it’s my day off, it’s easier for me to plan, cook and prepare for the week. Okay, here are my eats for the week (*click image to enlarge).It starts on Friday and goes down to Sunday then starts at top. Confusing? I hope not! On Tuesday I will figure out what I will have for Thursday. It may just be a mix of what I have left (which is listed at the bottom).

Did you miss the banana pancakes recipe? Well just click here to check it out. They are so yummy, simple and delicious. The maple “muffin top” can be found by clicking here. And the mousse? Of course you know chocolate appears as a daily eat. Check it out here 🙂


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