“Diet” Change Up

Since I haven’t been myself with food or workouts, I am going to be using the DAMY Health fat blaster program for two weeks as a guideline. This will help me for a Halloween party I was invited to for this Saturday coming up. I don’t want to look yucky (or feel yucky) and bloated. I want to look hott! Woot 🙂

What do the meals look like? Super clean and I’ll show you a few sample days of what I have. There is a strict eating plan, however, like I said, I am going to be using it as a guideline. Dairy is not allowed (except for plain yogurt) but I may be having some cheese. Bananas are also not allowed, as it’s mostly apples, pears and berries and this I will be following.

The plan is very low in sugar (only natural ones from fruits/ veggies and of course the yogurt). It’s going to be hard. I know I am going to have a massive migraine for a couple of days but my body needs to detox from the sugar overload. I’ll only be doing a little maple agave drizzle for the protein pancakes, so in combination with the yogurt, my added sugar should be less than 20 grams per day (Daily Recommended Amount = 24g)

I am also going to be eating vegetarian for the two weeks as well (DAMY Health offers a vegan meal plan too!). Why? I find it better for my digestion and I’ve been feeling really sluggish. I tend to get that way when I eat too much meat. I am taking a multivitamin now that has 158% of Vitamin B12 (on top of fortified unsweetened soymilk), so that won’t be an issue. Now with iron, I have been looking into more iron alternative as oppose to beef (10% Iron) and turkey (8% Iron).

Here is a little list of five foods:

Foods with 8%+ Iron (Per Serving)

  • Broccoli (1 Cup Cooked = 8%)
  • Raspberries (1/2 Cup Frozen = 8%)
  • Almond Butter (2 Tbsps = 8%)
  • Soymilk (1 Cup = 8%)
  • Spinach (2 Cups Raw = 10%)

As with all foods that have iron, you must have some Vitamin C for proper absorption. Foods high in vitamin C? Broccoli, Raspberries, Brussels Sprouts and so on. I know this post lacks in pictures, but I wanted to really give you a sense of how I want to change-up my eating habits. You’ll forgive me, right?

Question: Do you ever get out of the “healthy” eating mode? I notice that when I get sick or overworked, it just goes in a weird spiral!


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