Oh, Weather!

Okay, are there any other people out there that are being affected by Sandy?

In New York, my mom has two days off from work. The city is shut down too; no transportation or bridges opened. Here in Massachusetts, things started to close around one.

I got lucky and got out of work at noon. Roomie and I stopped at Trader Joe’s to grab a few things (minus extracts). Love TJ’s they always have yummy things.I started going on a cooking frenzy. I made chocolate mousse using this recipe. So good!And some maple oat banana pancakes.Then I heated up a Trader Joe’s Three Cheese GF Pizza. Mmmm, pizza and rain = perfection! I’m just here chilling and about to upload a YouTube video. If your in the storm, stay safe!Question: What do you do if your home on rainy day? I like to just chill, watch movies, eat and sleep!


2 thoughts on “Oh, Weather!

  1. Love TJ! They truly do have the best products :). You say your mom lives in NY? My prayers are with her & that she remained safe.

    On a rainy day I love to just cuddle up on the couch & watch movies.

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