Meal Planning… Or There Lack Of

Why hello there! It is I and I know it has been a while. I took a mental break from the computer. I just needed to get away from technology for a while but I am back!(Image Source)

I have been horrible at meal planning. For once I am not stressing out about food, which is nice but it means an empty fridge! I am running out of the basics; olive oil, cooking spray, Stevia, maple syrup, etc. I literally have nothing, except for tons of granola.But on the bright side, I’ve been spending more time with my roomies. Not to mention her dog LittlesIt is the cutest pug I have ever seen. Then again, what pug isn’t cute?I’ve also been making more goodies for my roomie too. I made her a caramel apple. Sort of, not really but either way it was delicious!And she has been trying to girly me up and making me play around with make-up. She bought me some goodies and I must say, it’s kinda fun.Tomorrow is going to be a granola filled WIAW, so be prepared for that one. Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoy your day!

Question: Do you ever need to separate yourself from technology?


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