WIAW #27: Starting Over…And Over Snacking?

Happy WIAW Wednesday! This edition is all about starting over. The past week my eating has been everywhere so it was nice to finally get my eating back to normal yesterday. Does that ever happen to you?These eats are from my crazy long school day. Can’t you tell I was bored? Taking pictures in the bathroom, when I should be in class? Shame! Oh and by the way, if you are new to the What I Ate Wednesday party, please do check it out at Peas and Crayons. Breakfast: A delicious batch of vanilla almond crunch overnight oats. This is currently my favorite breakfast. Though I have only has it three times, but third times the charm, right?Snack: One Bartlett Pear!Lunch: Turkey burger with broccoli, apple slices and almonds. All top with a generous slab of “all natural” ketchup. I use to be addicted to ketchup as a teen. I think it’s coming back…Snack #2: I had a nice serving of tea. I never really drink tea, but I wanted something and I remember I had a tea box that my mom bought me (review coming this Friday). I added a little pure cane sugar and soymilk. It was quite yummy and hit the spot.Dinner: I had dinner while studying before class. Parmesan & Romano Gnocchi. Mmm!Snack #3: I munched on these during class. You have to excuse me…I ate the whole box. What? I was craving chocolate. Lots of chocolate.Late Night Snack #4: Okay, too many snacks? Maybe, but I was up since 7:00am, class til 10:00pm! I had raspberries with cashew butter, cashew pieces and coconut flakes. A nice end to a long day.Question: Have you ever has overnight oats for breakfast? Do you ever had those days where you’re just snacking all the time too? I know I have tons of those!


5 thoughts on “WIAW #27: Starting Over…And Over Snacking?

  1. I Loooooooooooooooooooooooove overnight oats! I had it for breakfast for my WIAW too! lol
    And yes yes yes I hear you about those snacking days! I go into our office once day a week (rest of the time working at home) and for some reason those days then to be snacking days for me! I hate that urge to snack and totally don’t know how to fight it 😦 Sigh

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