Living In A Whirlwind

Hello all! Yes, it’s been since Wednesday that I posted. A lot has been going on; mostly good, some bad. In terms of my personal life, it was hitting a rocky bump for the past couple of months. But I think things should be getting better in that department. In terms of work, that has been another area with a rocky bump. But I know that in the end, things are going to be okay.

Now for the goods; In terms of my family, everything is great. I think my relationship with my parents has grown in a positive manner and I am thankful for it. In terms of the blog and my future, it’s looking so bright. Health wise? I have never felt better. I’m sure I have mentioned it here and there, but I have gained weight but I feel more energetic, healthy and I am happy with my body. Isn’t that all what matters?

I took a mini vacation to Vermont because I just needed me time. Time away from school, work, home and reality. I missed Vermont so much. I even missed my alama mater, UVM.I went to one of their “all you can eat” dinning halls and had breakfast. They even now have a gluten-free section. I had two gluten-free waffles with mixed berries, pure (Vermont) maple syrup, scrambled eggs and home fries. It was so good.I also went to the school’s store to look for a shirt. Because of my weight loss, all the shirts I had from UVM were too big or I gave them away. I found a nice long sleeve semi-sweatshirt on sale and also got an alumni car decal. Of course, can’t forget a pure Vermont maple lollipop. Can you tell I belong in Vermont?I even went to their little grocery store to get local Vermont chocolate like Dan’s and Lake Champlain. I pretty much only ate chocolate the whole trip. Think of this TIMES three. That’s what I ate… Shh!I pretty much just hit every spot in Vermont that I missed. I went to City Market, which is their healthy food supermarket. I headed to their gluten-free section and got this white chocolate raspberry muffin by West Meadow Farm Bakery. It was to die for. I have to go back and get a million more!Green Mountain Creamery Greek maple yogurt also made it’s way into my hand. Of course, it’s maple!It was bittersweet to leave. I can’t believe I missed it that much. I felt at ease and at peace. Perhaps because it’s a vacation? Or perhaps because it’s where I need to be? Who knows, life is always a mystery


4 thoughts on “Living In A Whirlwind

  1. Sabrina, you don’t even know how happy this post made me. I was literally smiling the whole time I read it. You seem like you are in such a great place right now, and I love that! You deserve it ❀

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