Non-Friday Fun Finds!

I meant to post this last Friday. I have some fun finds for you guys. You may recognize some of the products from previous posts saying that I was going to try them. I finally have and not to mention there are non-food finds too! It’s just one non-day isn’t it?

The first product is a honey bush caramel tea by Revolution. I really want to get into tea because sometimes at night or after dinner I want “something” but not really. If that makes any sense. I figured tea would be a good option because it’s zero calories and full of antioxidants.

I added a Stevia packet, 1/4 of soymilk and 2/3 cup of hot water. The results? It tasted really good! Like nice warm milk with a sweet hint of caramel. Look for it in your supermarket and give it a try.Next up is Annie’s GF Deluxe Mac N’ Cheese. I’ve been craving mac and cheese but have been too lazy to make my simple homemade mac n’ cheese. I made it and added steamed Brussels sprouts. The results? It was good, but not as good as their regular gluten-free mac n’ cheese box. And finally, we have a hair product! You may not know, but I love hair products. I just don’t really use them. I’ve been looking for a sea salt spray from my hair ever since John Frieda discontinued their beach waves sea salt spray when I was in high school. It was the best spray ever.I found this one by Not Your Mother’s as a trial for $3.00. I decided to give a try and I have to say it works amazing! It gives you nice beach waves and leaves your hair smelling like a hint of summer. You have to find and try it if you love the sexy, tousled beach wave look.Question: Has there ever been a product that you loved and their discontinued? Another one that I can remember was VO5 Oasis shampoo and conditioner. Smelled so good!


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