Family Fun and… Groceries!

Hello everyone! I am back in MA. Time to study like a mad dog as I have an exam tomorrow and a final in two weeks. Then soon will be Christmas break! I can’t wait, but until then, I shall recap my weekend at home.

My parents and I on Saturday night went to the Broadway Comedy Club in the city. My parents had never been to one and they had tickets that I gave them earlier this year. When we got there, I had to get my age verified. Pish for looking like a teenager, it’s quite annoying.Any who, we went to eat before the comedy show, which started at 8:30pm. We ate at the Peking Roast Duck.I ate beef and broccoli with rice. It was so good, I gobbled it up!Then it was show time. They had a nice drink selection (they had a two drink minimum). I ended up getting a white zinfandel and my mom took my second drink. It was a really nice time with my parents; some drinks and a few good laughs is always good.Being home for the past few days was amazing. It was nice to just unwind with my family. I haven’t been home for almost two months. The nice image of a full fridge and pantry always makes me happy. Thanks to my mom, I am able to have that.Tons of good stuff here. I got the usual’s; fruit, beans, bars, chocolate. I also got a new So Delicious milk to try, an English muffin, Amy’s GF Pizza, a chocolate chip cookie mix and a couple of new bars. This Friday I should have a review on a few of those.Things that I have on hand already are chicken breast, oats, tomato soup, tomatoes, rice and flour. I think this should last me for quite sometime, which the exception of maybe getting eggs and more fruits/ veggies. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend like I did.

Question: How do you do your grocery shopping? Once per week? Twice? I usually go twice or three times, but I am thinking of nipping it to one time. It may save money on impulse spending. Thoughts?


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