Fun Finds Friday #18: Randomness!

Happy Friday Everyone! I must say. This review is weird collection of finds, but none-the-less a fun one. I have a bar, soup and cookie mix to review for you. And all products are corn and gluten-free.

The bar I found on my Fairway Market trip with my mom. I was on a serious maple kick and this Taste of Nature bar caught my eye because of it. I haven’t been much into Luna Bars. Perhaps it’s just a phase or I overate them. Anywho, this bar was a very good trail mix bar. The only problem I had was that I didn’t really taste much maple in it, but other than that it was good.The Garden Vegetable soup by Dr. McGougall’s was purchased due to the fact that I wanted something warm for those cold nights; ready to heat and eat, asap. The results? It was not bad at all but it definitely needed something “extra.” Maybe I’ll add some rice or have cheese with it.Lastly, I have been craving chocolate chip cookies like mad. Some things I just don’t like to make from scratch like blueberry muffins. Chocolate chip cookies fall under the same category. The best part about Gluten-Free Pantry’s chocolate chip cookie mix is that it is corn free and fairly inexpensive for a gluten-free product (was on sale for $2.99 from four something).
I made the cookie into one large cookie and cut it up like a pizza. I just don’t have that kind of patience for a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie. The box makes 18 cookies, but I ended up making 16 slices. Not bad, right? This cookie was amazing and it tasted no different from your average chocolate chip cookie mix. I will definitely be purchasing more products from this brand.Question: Have you ever tried a brand that was so good that made you loving every product they had? Pre-allergy discovery, I first tried Kashi’s granola bar then moved on to every product of theirs; oatmeal, cereal, pizza, cookies…. mmm!


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