Gingerbread, Chobani & Snow

I woke this morning rushing to work. I just put on some flats and a dress and headed out the door. And then I see that it’s snowing.IMG_20121201_121445When did this happen? The weather said nothing of snow. Even though it was a tad annoying, it’s pretty.IMG_20121201_140747When I got home from work, I made myself lunch and made this delicious thing.IMG_20121201_124757Don’t know why I have been in the mood for coffee but I had the gingerbread latte from Starbucks and never looked back. I just like the warm cinnamon-y goodness.IMG_20121128_135221Remember the Greek yogurt chocolate mousse recipe? Well this chick right here got a shout out from Chobani. It is by far my favorite Greek yogurt.  Nothing artificial. Nothing but good.IMG_20121128_202811They so kindly offered me free Cho! I have been wanting to try the passion fruit and vanilla chocolate chunk Champions.IMG_20121128_203024And guess what? They offered to send me samples of both!  I dug into the vanilla chocolate chunk first. A perfect 120 calorie treat portioned right out for you.IMG_20121201_212501And the passion fruitA-mazing. Call me crazy but I added a little cinnamon and ate it with a pear. Honestly, passion fruit is my favorite flavor by FAR! Sorry apple cinnamon and blood orange. Next it’s a close one between raspberry and vanilla. Mmm.IMG_20121201_212521Question: Oh my can you believe it’s already December? Where is the time going? Tomorrow’s post is going to be able December goals and plans. Whoot!


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