WIAW #30: Nothing But Good

Happy WIAW everyone. Today will be my eats from Monday. I can’t believe I only have less then a week left til my final exam. Next WIAW I am going to be done from school for a month. It’s crazy how time flies, right? Oh and if you don’t know what WIAW is, go check out the awesome food party at Peas and Crayons!wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidaysBreakfast was “microwaveable” vegan almond pancakes; sans the coconuts, plus tons of cinnamon (can you tell I went shaker happy?). I’ll have the recipe up soon, I just need to tweak it a bit. I’ve been to lazy to make a pancake on the stove, so why not just microwave one? IMG_20121201_001434For lunch, I had a pesto pizza. What I did was take Trader Joe’s GF pizza, shook off the frozen cheese, spread a heaping layer of pesto sauce and them sprinkled the cheese (plus more) on top. So freakin’ delicious!IMG_20121201_193900My snack was this passion fruit Chobani. Oh my, it taste like heaven. I swear!IMG_20121201_212521Dinner was this dish, but instead of the chicken, I had black beans. I have become obsessed with black beans again. They are just so yummy with tons of dried oregano. The roasted garlic quinoa was quite good too.IMG_20121201_000542Dessert? Well now I had a chocolate mini cake that I made using Chobani Champions vanilla chocolate chunk. It’s so moist, chocolate-y and delicious. You must try it.IMG_20121202_132009Question: Anyone in school have finals already? I am totally freakin’ out. Please wish me tons of study luck… I shall need every bit.


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