Confession: I’m A Foodie & Cat Lover

Shocker, I know. It was funny that one of my friends called me a foodie the other day. I never thought someone would give me the honor of that title. I just love food, it’s my passion and it has changed my life. From the ugly when I was 240lbs to now that I am happy, healthy and thriving. (Check out this awesome picture, click to see its original source).1jdfoodieI went to Whole Foods the other day to pick up some fun things. Flour, yogurt, trail mix, nuts, granola, milk and a study time snack. As you can tell, instead of bars I have been doing a lot of trail mixes. IMG_20121207_151744Whole Foods have a high antioxidant one with goji berries, pumpkin seeds, raisins, cranberries, almonds and walnuts. I pick out the walnuts (due to my allergy) and buy extra pumpkin seeds, almonds and raisins to mix in. Saves me money and I get more yum for my buck.IMG_20121207_163041Can you believe Nature’s Path made this awesome thing. It taste like a straight up gingerbread cookie in granola form. No lie. The chucks are so big that it really feels like your eating a cookie in macaroon shape. I am in LOVE with this flavor. Best granola EVER.IMG_20121207_155300 My cat? Well he has nothing to do with being a foodie but he is too adorable. I swear I don’t get why he does certain things like hanging upside down. Snapshot_20121205_9Or interrupting me as I study or write a post. He is such a needy little creature but I love him so!Snapshot_20121207_2Question: Are you a foodie obsessed with food and all things yummy like I am? Do you like cats? Or are you a dog person? I’m strictly PIXIEBOB ❤


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