A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

This was me practically all weekend. Hugging coffee and eating a million pumpkin seeds and such. I was pretty much in bed trying to absorb all the crazy information for my final. I hate cumulative exams.IMG_20121209_145008I wanted sausage the day of my exam. I went out an bought Applegate’s breakfast sausageIMG_20121211_085709I felt that it would be brain fuel with an omelet and homemade fries on the side. Super delicious and kept me studying strong for an hour or so.IMG_20121211_091047Even Mr.Hercules was trying to help me study. On second thought, I think not. He was too busy napping and interrupting. It’s the thought the counts, right?IMG_20121211_121010After a couple hours I got hungry again. I had more sausage with a hard-boiled egg on a Wasa cracker. Doesn’t it look like a lady bug?IMG_20121212_122435Along with the sausage, I also got a few other staples that I was running out of; black beans, soymilk, oats, yogurt, eggs and I go canned spinach to try. Since it wasn’t my supermarket day, I didn’t want to spend too much. All things (minus the sausage) were under $8.00!IMG_20121212_123923Just a random post for ya today. Tomorrow I will have a couple of finds to review for you and then meal planning and more updates this weekend. Happy almost Friday and good luck to those that have finals!


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