Fun Finds Friday #20: Get Veg[Ed]ucated

I have been eating very clean these days and I must say it’s been awesome. I haven’t eaten any meat except for antibiotic, hormone, humanely raised… and the list goes on. Just pure clean food.

I saw a documentary called “Vegucated” the other day about being Vegan and it has a lot of very informative information. If you haven’t watched it, I definitely recommend that you check it out.vegucatedIt’s similar to Food Inc. It basically goes into detail about the meat industry. It’s not pretty and I think this movie definitely is making me think twice about the way I eat.Food-IncI also transitioned to cage-free eggs too, except the other day, I just ran in the market and grabbed the first one I saw. Applegate Naturals is a great company that has all of that right on the box.IMG_20121211_085709These breakfast sausages are so good. I had them the other day with an egg white omelet and homemade fries. Next I want to try out their chicken and maple sausages.IMG_20121211_091047Another good, clean, all natural brand is Chobani. Everyone knows that I am obsessed with the Cho. I never tried their honey flavor, but I did and I quite enjoyed it. I added a little cinnamon to it, nothing but good. I obviously enjoyed it so much that I ate it all and forgot to snap a pic. Whoops!chobani_6oz0_honey_n

Another yummy brand? Ghirardelli’s dark chocolates. I usually got for the 72% because it’s lower in sugar (with better ingredients in the dark chocolate only) then other chocolates. This time I wanted to try out the 86% dark chocolate. I only ate 80% once and it was disgusting. But now? I love the taste it and it only has 5g of sugar per serving. Awesome antioxidants coming my way, whoo-hoo!A9tmfG0CAAIaQsY.jpg largeQuestion: Have you ever tried out an of Applegate Farm’s products or an brand of humanely raised, cage-free or antibiotic/ hormone free products? How do you feel about food in our society? Do you try to eat very clean, all natural ingredients? So many questions, I know!


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