A Moment of Silence [+ Food For The Soul]

Before I go into this post, I would like to have a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened in Connecticut. It saddens me to think that someone would do something so terrible and so close to the holidays. I pray for all the family members that lost loved ones and hope that they can find the strength to cope with such pain.candle-flame-and-reflection***

Today was a delicious day of eats. I started out with a microwavable pancake (minus the cinnamon) topped with blueberries, cut up breakfast sausage and maple syrup.IMG_20121216_080709I went to Whole Foods yesterday…uh yeah. I think I have become obsessed with it again. Especially since I found a short cut. But I just wanted to grab (yet again) a few things. I got some organic gala apples, grapes, yogurt, Justin’s vanilla almond butter, trail mix, yogurt and what is that you see?A-MjPtmCcAA0YMd.jpg largeA gluten, nut and corn free veggie burger. The ingredients look yummy (most are organic) and the stats look good (10% iron!). But how did it taste? Hilary’s Eat Well veggie burger was actually pretty tasty.IMG_20121215_175714I paired the burger with the roasted red potatoes from Whole Foods and green beans. Not to mention a dollop of organic ketchup. I think I may have finally found the store bought veggie burger that can replace my former love for the Morning Star ones!IMG_20121216_142933I also got some snacks for this girl that I am coaching. Yes, I am doing my first real coaching with an actual client. She is 16 years old, so I wanted to give her some healthy alternatives to her favorites. I want to start coaching more people, but more information will come on that later.IMG_20121215_180419Right now I am just chillin’ with Herc. He has been misbehaving for the past few days and he knows it! As you can see, he is hiding and trying to avoid me. IMG_20121216_085443Question: Have you ever seen or tried Hilary’s Eat Well burgers?


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