Fun Finds Friday #21: Gluten-Free Heaven

Wow this is another one of my favorite fun finds Friday. I found a delicious cracker, cheese and a cupcake. Yes, I said it and I will repeat it. A cupcake. Why don’t we just start with that, shall we? When I was in Vermont, I went to a Healthy Living store in Burlington near the University Mall.IMG_20121218_230445It was actually much cheaper in a lot of ways then Whole Foods and they even have a HUGE gluten-free section filled with breads, cakes, cupcakes, tortillas. The list goes on. I spotted this dark chocolate cupcake by Chef Papi, a local business in Burlington, VT.IMG_20121219_211652When I opened the package it smelled like chocolate heaven. One bite and I actually was in heaven. I am so amazed how delicious this cupcake was. I’m glad I only found it in Vermont, it may be deadly.IMG_20121219_211644Nothing goes better with chocolate then a piece of cheese. I decided to try out this rice cheese by since the stats are pretty awesome with 60 calories, 6g of protein and 2g of fiber. The taste? Even though it’s mozzarella style, it kind of tastes like a cross between cheddar and mozzarella. Either way, very yummy and I would totally get it again.IMG_20121219_080640What seems to be missing now? Some crackers! I found these new Artisan Nut-Thins by Blue Diamond Almonds. I haven’t eaten the regular nut thins in a while but when I spotted these, I wanted to try them out. The results? So, so good. It may just be the best cracker I ever tasted! Go find them now.IMG_20121220_115246Question: Is there a local product that you truly love? In Vermont it’s definitely the chocolate from Lake Champlain and Dan’s. In Massachusetts? The local froyo shops are the bomb.IMG_20121218_131552By the way, check out this awesome “healthy” vending machine at the UMall in Vermont!


2 thoughts on “Fun Finds Friday #21: Gluten-Free Heaven

  1. Girl, you found some awesome food finds!! I also love the healthy vending machine. I truly do believe there should be more of them… but we all know America is obese & that probably just won’t happen =(

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