New Year’s Resolution Giveaway!

Happy Saturday evening everyone. If you are reading this, it means that I am probably in New York already. Mostly because that’s when this post went up. I have arrived safe and sound and there is no time like the present to do a giveaway for the new year.IMG_20121221_101402My mom actually contributed to the giveaway, she’s my biggest supporter. You get two workout DVD’s and a Pilates book for weight loss. Hey, the new year it coming, which means a new you! I have also included some bars I love, tea (for those cold nights) and a coupon for a free Chobani.IMG_20121221_101313Ya’ll know I love Cho and I just had to share my love. And surprise goodies will be in the giveaway too!Β No holiday present is complete without chocolate. Dark chocolate of course; all in moderation. Maybe a couple more bars, nut mixes and teas too will be added. You will just have to find out.

You will have four ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. You can follow the Nutritiously Sweet blog.
  2. Follow Nutritiously Sweet via Twitter.
  3. Follow Nutritiously Sweet via Facebook.
  4. Leave a comment below stating one goal you have for the new year!

That’s a total of four chances to win the new year’s resolution giveaway. The giveaway will be opened until midnight on Friday the 28th. I will announce the winner that weekend! I will also show you throughout the week the added goodies. I know your going to love them. Enjoy and good luck!


26 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution Giveaway!

  1. What a sweet giveaway. No matter if I win or someone else, please thank your lovely mom for the wonderful contributions. ❀

    One goal I have for this upcoming year is to continue working on gaining weight.

  2. Hey, well I already subscribe to your blog and Facebook, and my new year resolution this year is to be happy and healthy and not to dwell on uneccessary things:)

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