Happy Christmas Eve <3

Before going to the Emergency Room with my mom, I had a delicious waffle made from a buckwheat flour mix, which you will see this flour for this fun finds Friday, so stay tuned.IMG_20121223_095922I had a lot of pain on the left side of my body under my ribs, It was not fun and it’s been going on for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can figure out what’s wrong soon; I had numerous tests done.15673_10101456943675060_386716433_nMy family. They are a little crazy, a little corky. But they are my family. I had a lot of fun with them. We went to see the tree down at Rockefeller Center in the city. Elmo and cookie monster?IMG_20121223_182029My parents are just too cute.IMG_20121223_181547Aww, look at me and my little brother. It’s crazy to think he’s going to be 19 next year. Almost 20! Gee, it just makes me feel old sometimes.IMG_20121223_181736They always have this display that lights up, I honestly don’t remember where or what it is. It’s near the tree. A few years ago, they had a snowflake display which was cute. This year it was computer graphics with a cute yeti and ice skaters.IMG_20121223_183521Question: How are you spending your Christmas Eve, if you celebrate it? I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and enjoys time with their loved ones!


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