Happy, Happy Christmas <3

Ahh, my Christmas this year was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I had good laughs and yummy food with family and friends. I baked, cooked and went to see Les Miserables, which was awesome. I’ve always wanted to see the play but never got a chance.les_miserables_ver11For breakfast this Christmas, made “my take” on a Mc.Griddle, which is breakfast fixings in between two maple pancakes. I used my microwaveable pancake recipe minus the sugar and vanilla extract and put an egg white scramble and Applegate sausage in between. The results? Super weird yet delicious!IMG_20121225_101233Presents! Even though it’s not about the presents, it’s always fun to get some. My mom got me lots of clothes and a candle. My brother got me workout gloves and my other brother gave me money to buy new workout sneakers, which I desperately need!

IMG_20121225_112027Also got some chocolate and bathroom goodies.IMG_20121225_112259My mom also got me these cute stud earrings. IMG_20121224_230344Of course, “foodie” gifts are always in order; a cooling rack and better blender. Yay!IMG_20121226_092713Dinner was absolutely delicious. We had Spanish rice, pork shoulder, veggies, bread, plantains, potato salad and of course dessert! Can’t forget about that.IMG_20121225_185817Question: How was your Christmas day? Hope it was as amazing as mine!


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