Food & Happiness

Food makes me happy. I don’t know about you but a yummy piece of organic cheese or a delicious bowl or soymilk and maple granola just puts a smile on my face.

As usual, before going back to Massachusetts, my mom took me grocery shopping at my favorite supermarket, Fairway. I got a few different things then normal, but yet still very tasty looking.

For the pantry stuff I got, some teas, soymilk, buckwheat products, granola, Justin’s almond butter, beans and a couple Luna bars. Expect a “buckwheat” fun finds Friday. I got a ton of things with that.IMG_20121224_161622For the fridge/ produce, I got Earth Balance, gala and red delicious apples, pears, organic mozzarella and cheddar cheese and a So Delicious coconut milk plain yogurt.IMG_20121224_161327Lastly the freezer items were some Applegate products, baby Brussels sprouts and Alexia oven fries. IMG_20121224_165043Oh can’t forget some sweets! I’ve been into coffee (as you may have remember) and got this espresso dark chocolate from Newman’s Own Organic. IMG_20121224_151109Also some So Delicious coconut milk no sugar added ice cream. Mmm, butter pecan!IMG_20121224_150714Oh and I got the last bit of goodies for the giveaway (don’t forget to enter).IMG_20121224_181358 Question: Any foods you’ve just gotten hooked on? Coffee is definitely the first things that comes to my mind. How about you?



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