Giveaway Winner Plus Health and Wellness Coaching

The winner has been chosen for the giveaway via There were 18 total entries and I just used the first number and counted my way down from the first comment until I reached the 11th, which was Andrienne! Congrats on winner the New Year’s Resolution Giveaway. Please email me at and send me your address so I can mail it out this week!GiveawayAs you all may know, I am a certified Health and Wellness coach from AAA/ISMA. I developed a coaching plan over the past year to help people lose weight or just clean up their eating habits.Before I launch it next week, I want to get feedback. What do you want to see on the plan if you were interesting in getting coaching? What is something that you could use a little push in?

Most of the plan focuses on how to love a healthy lifestyle (with balance and moderation) through exercise and nutrition. I am also working on the personal trainer certification through AAA/ISMA as well, so once I have that, I will be offering workout plans and sessions in conjunction with the coaching plan.

I will be offering weight loss coaching services via email and in person if you are in the Salem, MA area. If you are interested in either of the two, please email me at Can’t wait to get feedback from you guys and enjoy your weekend!


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