Weekend Tidbits

I got a bunch of clothes for Christmas so I decided to show you guys my favorite purchases.IMG_20121228_150011The two dresses I got have a floral design to them. One of them is for New Year’s. Whoo-hoo.IMG_20121228_082446-1I also got a new pair of “workout” pants. These yoga pants from Target are awesome.IMG_20121230_090058-1I’ve also been having fun with chocolates. A little bit of dark chocolate almond sea salt.IMG_20121228_141852A little bit of milk chocolate gingerbread. Oh my heaven!IMG_20121227_204358Oh and how could I forget this lovely winter wonderland from this weekend?IMG_20121230_100054Question: Did it snow in your area this weekend? (Or does it even snow where you live?) Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve everyone!


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