WIAW #33: The Last [2012] Eats!

Happy first WIAW of 2013! This post is all about some of my last eats of 2012. Hope 2013 is even more delicious and if you don’t know what WIAW is, check it out at Peas and Crayons!

My favorite breakfast from last month was the waffle I made with buckwheat flour, so so good!IMG_20121223_095922Gingerbread coffee? Yes please!

IMG_20121223_093935Black beans and egg white scrambles plus an orange on the side for some sweetness.IMG_20121230_140010My snacks have consisted of a fruit, cheese and a nut platter.IMG_20121226_190731An organic beef burger from Applegate farm with green beans and Alexa’s roasted potatoes was on the menu for some evening last week.IMG_20121228_134027For dessert? All sorts of goodies, but some form of ice cream is always a plus.IMG_20121224_150714Question: What were some of your favorite eats from 2012? I’ll being doing a favorites post this week for you.


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