Diagnosis Hiatal Hernia & Bile Reflux

*Warning: This post is not for the squeamish  There is a pretty gross picture of my stomach bile and such. Please do not read if you are.*

Wednesday January 3rd, 2013

8:55 a.m: My brother so kindly took me for my endoscopy. I had gotten in New York at around 5:30pm the night before. On the morning of the endoscopy I was in massive pain. I couldn’t wait to know what was wrong with me. I was tired of being in pain for a month already.

10:10am: About to go in for my endoscopy. I was freaking out because I was going to be put asleep. I was ready to go under… IV’ed up and ready.

11:48a.m: I awoke in strange room. I felt so groggy and my throat was super sore. The nurse was there but I just sat there waiting. Waiting to know the answer.

12:05 p.m: The nurse handed me the paper of my results and then I was off to go. No doctor’s information? Of course, not I had to follow-up with a GI doctor but I had to go back to M.A. I looked at the paper and saw two diagnosis: hiatal hernia and bile reflux.IMG_20130103_173040Immediately I knew why I was in massive pain that morning. I had eaten everything I should be avoiding; chocolate, nuts, seeds, full-fat dairy. The thoughts whirled in my mind. I had to change my diet and lifestyle for the second time due to a medical reason.IMG_20130103_172957I could no longer enjoy the foods I loved. Chocolate, coffee, nuts, nut butter, full-fat yogurts and ice cream, citrus fruits… I have to now change my diet and go into a low-fat diet. I also am going to have to change jobs, I shouldn’t be doing heavy lifting and that is a part of my job.ww5rl88My go to foods now have to consist of egg whites, grains, apples, bananas, low-fat dairy, cheeses and soy. It sounds pretty boring doesn’t it? I am going to have to do a lot of inventing with this new low-fat diet. I also have to be careful with certain exercises such as squats or burpees.

What were my symptoms? Well I had a TON of acid reflux (apparently bile reflux), nausea  abdominal pain, pain when eating or drinking, bloating, gas and such. To learn more about a hiatal hernia click here.

Bile reflux? Is where the bile goes up into the stomach and esophagus, causing that burning sensation and sour taste in the mouth. Sometimes the medication doesn’t work to reduce the acid, which is what was happening in my case.

Now this is something that is going to be a little hard to adjust to. I have finally adjusted to my food allergies for about a year and a half and now a new diet to follow. It will be tough, but I think I can do it. I am strong.


7 thoughts on “Diagnosis Hiatal Hernia & Bile Reflux

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis girl, but at least you’ve gotten answers. I do want to say, be careful w/ the amount of bananas you eat. yes they are good in fiber, but can cause extreme bloating and constipation if eaten too many throughout the day/week.

    • Thanks! I am glad too, now I am trying to undo the damage bc omg I am in pain. I agree about the bananas. They sometimes make my GERD/ Acid symptoms worse! If I have one at night its okay for some reason, so maybe Ill do it a couple of days. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see you are strong. It’s going to be hard, but you will manage this just like you managed your food allergies. Make sure to speak with doctor.

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  4. Hi- I came across your site while searching hiatal hernia and bile reflux. I was diagnosed with an endoscopy 2 years ago and have been living with it since, but I’m almost certain my hernia has just reappeared causing all the symptoms to go haywire. Are you still dealing with this? Same diet? What medications have you been using and do you still have your gallbladder? So many questions- it’s just rare to find someone else with this!

    • Thanks for responding glad my post was of help! I still do deal with it but I pretty much focus on my diet and taking probiotics twice a day. I do still have my gallbladder, it hasn’t gotten that bad since I keep with my diet. I pretty much just eat whole grain breads/cereals, soymilk (sometimes fatfree dairy too), bananas, raspberries, egg whites, popcorn, rice and turkey. I will have “acidic” fruits and red sauces on occasion and it does bug me a bit but I try to stick to the basics that keep my tummy happy!

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