WIAW #34: Keepin’ It Low[er] Fat

Hello everyone and happy What I Ate Wednesday! For today I bring you my eats from a day last week where I show you my new low-fat lifestyle. On average I have about 50g of fat. Before I was eating about 80g, which I calculated via Slim Kicker. If you don’t know what WIAW, check it out at Peas and Crayons!wiawphotobuttonBreakfast: I made a little “cake” using the pancake batter from the non-vegan option. I topped it with 2 tsps of almond butter and two almonds. It had a total of 6g of fat, whoot!541981_10101465005109880_515081916_nSince I figure most of my meals can be 8-10g max of fat, it still gives me the opportunity to have cheese (like this rice cheese stick) and nuts/ seeds, I just do half a serving. I also had a pear with this snack.
IMG_20130104_111040For lunch, I did a black bean burger spinach salad with 1/2 serving of cheddar cheese, pumpkin and sunflower seeds that I made using this Veg Time’s recipe. I didn’t use onions, and I subbed the quinoa for white rice, the tomatoes for broccoli and added a little egg whites to it. It’s my go to black bean burger recipe.184576_10101465644802930_1259543932_nI had another Stonyfield yogurt for snack. I am in love with this yogurt, totally!
IMG_20130103_183130For dinner, I had a baked potato with a little Earth Balance and melted cheddar cheese, spinach and parsley flakes. It was nice, quick and delicious. This meal only had 10g of fat.IMG_20130105_181040Dessert? I had a scrumptious chocolate protein cookie with raspberries and whip cream. I know it’s chocolate and probably about 6-8g of fat but, it was my treat. I’ve been chocolate deprived and I am not going to be eating copious amounts anymore…just once or twice a week!IMG_20130104_171519QuestionTell me this isn’t the healthiest you have ever seen me eat? Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise  Pretty sick and evil disguise, but I feel so much better, except for the chocolate withdrawal. Okay, that was more of a statement then a question, ha!


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