Work It Out: January Workout

Some of you wanted me to post some of my workouts (ignore the funny names of them), so that is what I am going to do for you today. There is no fun finds for this week, but next week I shall have one for you.

Pre-workout (about an hour before) I either have a Luna Bar (vanilla almond, toasted cranberry or white chocolate macadamia) or a light string cheese with two Tbsps of any trail mix. Usually it’s a mix of almonds, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, mulberries, raisins and cranberries.

Here is my workout plan for the month of January at the Gym (I know I am a week behind):

Monday: Upper Body + Cardio

Tuesday: Yoga + Optional Cardio

Wednesday: Lower Body + Cardio

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Total Body + Cardio

Saturday: ACTIVE Rest Day

Sunday: Yoga + Optional Cardio

Notice I did add my yoga twice a week! The optional cardio could be 30-40 minutes at the gym or even something outdoors. Just will depend on my mood of course (and maybe yours if you try this out).

Now let’s show you the individual workouts. I neglected to write that the weights are 3 sets of 15 for the first two weeks, then the next two it’s 4 sets of 10 (make sure it’s heavy!) The workouts could be done using gym machines or weights. This is a mix of everything; some me, some DAMY, or trainers.

Upper BodyLower Body

total body

That’s what the workouts look like. If you have any questions please let me know. For the yoga, I either do DVDs or YouTube finds, it always changes but I’ve been loving this one. I do it for 30-45 minutes.

Question: Do you have a workout plan or do you just wing it?


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