Spreading The [Veg] Love

Before I get started, did you check out yesterday’s post about the 25 things I want to do before I turn 25? I’ve already done two (one is the letter to my 40 year old self) and I’ll update you every five at a time. Also did you check out the roasted beets recipe? I still haven’t gone to the supermarket yet, but it’s on my list!IMG_20130112_092913A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were talking about vegetarian life and watching those documentaries. I told him as a joke, you should try it. And surprisingly he agreed. I thought I was dreaming. Most of the time I get laughed at but who would’ve thought I’d find someone with the same interest. He’s also a gym rat and wants to be a personal trainer, aka we are crazy health people. IMG_20130111_101037-1Anywho he did it for a week.  Well six days since I made him brunch with Applegate Farm sausages. Gotta love those sausages. Here is what he had to say about his week:IMG_20130111_124419Pros: More energy and alertness, better digestion, easier to move bowels (Why does that always sound funny? Or is it just me...)

Cons: Weight loss – 5lbs total (only because he’s a guy and doesn’t want to get thinner) and meat withdrawals in the second- third day of going veg.

I asked would he do it again and he said yes to help his digestion and energy levels, but he would love to go veg completely one day. You don’t have to label yourself a certain eating style. You find what works for you. I find that ovo-lacto vegetarian works wonders for me. And hey, it’s already day twelve!

Question: Do you know someone who has the same interests as you, like everything? Well aside from my blog friends, no one has the same interests as me, until now. Maybe bits and pieces, but never a lot.


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